“Every human being who has lived the human adventure is me“

Marguerite Yourcenar,
Memoirs of Hadrian



Maura Bartesaghi Millefanti is a photographer with a passion for art and creativity.

Strengthened by his experience in the field of textile printing and several years of training in photography, in 2022 he decided to combine these foundations to create A Green Badge, a brand that makes quality and originality its main characteristics.

He has a great desire to learn more and more every day, to take good photos and develop his own identity.

"Looking carefully at each photo, you will notice a small green mark, a distinctive detail that connects each piece. It is the common thread of elegance and style, a silent signature that speaks of authenticity."


With a visionary spirit he always searches for all the forgotten and abandoned spaces of our territory, tries to turn the spotlight on them by drawing attention through his photographic projects, such as STARDUST, a project to invoke the recovery of a vast area

industrial plant that has been abandoned for years in its town, once the flagship of the Como textile industry, today a solitary eco-monster that looms over environmental and urban safety.

With humanity he shoots in a conscious way, thus making photography sustainable.

The "STARDUST" project

What is A Green Badge

A Green Badge is much more than a clothing brand; it is a commitment to a better future. Our mission is to inspire people to become protagonists, ambitious builders of a more sustainable planet and responsible in the most critical challenge of today and tomorrow: taking care of our beloved planet every day.

A Green Badge embodies the essence of streetwear.

Each piece is an iconic and cool style statement.

Through the design and production of textiles, we slow down the frenetic pace of the modern world to reflect on the deep connections we share.

A Green Badge's creations speak the language of images, transmitting a message through unique details in a contemporary and innovative clothing line.

Quality is Our Priority

Each of our products, whether it is an item of clothing, an accessory or a decorative object, is made with care and attention to detail. We are proud to offer unique products designed and crafted by experts in textile art, with a deep passion for our work.

We not only aim for the highest quality, but also for compliance with social, environmental and economic standards throughout the entire production process.

Everything is Made in Italy

Each of our items is proudly made in Italy, between the excellence of the artisanal textile manufacturing of Como and the natural beauty of Sardinia.

Our choice is guided by the desire to embrace ethical and environmental principles.
The sea, an element that unites the two locations, represents our commitment to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability in Everyone's Heart

Our laboratory stands out not only for the extraordinary nature of its products, but also for its sustainable commitment.

We research raw materials carefully, manage the procurement process responsibly and make conscious use of natural resources. Additionally, we only use recycled packaging materials, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

Italianness in Details

The idea of ​​A Green Badge is completely Italian, and this is evident in the high quality materials and intelligent workmanship.

All our materials and processes are certified to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.